Sunday, December 9, 2007

No arms...No Legs...But still smiling...

Fox9 from Minnesota reports that in St. Paul "A Wisconsin dairy farm worker who lost all four of his limbs after a 40 minute tangle with a powerline is heading home from the hospital.
Benjamin Ruiz, 20, was on his way home from work at a Wisconsin dairy farm in September when he reached down to change a DC in his car and crashed into a utility pole. He stepped out of his car and onto the powerline, enduring electrical shocks for 40 minutes.
When Ruiz woke up in the hospital, he was fighting for his life. Doctors say the chance of him surviving, between his burns and his electrical injury, was maybe one or two in 100.
St. Paul’s Our Lady of Guadalupe Church adopter Ruiz as their own, staying by his side to witness one miracle after another on his road to recovery. Now, it what seems like an impossibly short period of time, Ruiz is heading home.
Ruiz plans to return to his family in Mexico. His parents have not seen him yet because they have been unable to get visas to come into the United States."

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