Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fries that live forever...

I ran across this video on Miniature Brainwave. Morgan Spurlock tries to see if the legend that a McDonald's Big Mac never decays is true. It does decay; however, he seems shocked to see that the fries never change. His intern sure does throw things away that he/she shouldn't. For anyone who went looking for spare change hidden in a sofa and found some old fries, I wasn't surprised to see the results.

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Cows Attack Man

According to the BBC, "A Sussex policeman has been discharged from hospital after an attack by about 50 cows left him with four broken ribs and a punctured lung.
Insp Chris Poole, 50, said the cattle repeatedly butted and stamped on him when he was out walking his dog on the South Downs earlier this month.
The officer, from Brighton, said he was crossing a field along a footpath.
One cow butted him in the back, forcing him to the ground, before the others joined in, he recalled. Mr Poole said he managed to escape when his Golden Retriever, called Zak, fled, distracting the cows.
He was taken to Eastbourne District General Hospital by air ambulance after attracting the attention of another dog walker.He suffered bruising from his thigh to his shoulder, and faced a life-threatening situation three days later when one of his broken ribs severed an artery.
Mr Poole, who spent 11 days in hospital, said he wanted to warn other walkers to give cows a wide berth.
"It was unlucky the cows attacked... it is very rare but obviously it can happen," he said.
The RSPCA said cows could become protective of their young to the point of becoming aggressive, especially if a large dog was nearby."
Here is a pic of the poor guy. This story will have me viewing those Chick-Fil-A commercials with the cows differently.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Soap Box...

I ran into this story from Reuters about President Abbas tightening up Palestinian money-laundering laws. It reminded me of how annoyed I get when I see Palestinians living in such poverty. Their leaders for decades received Billions of dollars from Arab countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, etc... These Arab countries gave money to the Palestinians because they wanted to help them and they didn't want to have the Palestinians in their countries (see what happened to the late King Hussein of Jordan.) I always asked where did all of this money go? It sure didn't go to the people who needed it. Maybe if it had been used properly, the jobless rate would be a whole lot lower. There would be less poverty and the people would have some type of hope. All of those years of corruption seem to have bitten the leaders when Fatah suffered recent election setbacks.

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Take a tour of the new Airbus A380

The BBC gives you a tour of the new Airbus A380 as it is in flight. Those in economy class looked to be squeezed in for the very long trip.

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Tragedy strikes hockey game...

Grabbed this from FoxNews.

"Amateur Hockey Player Killed After Puck Strikes Chest

SHELTON, Conn. — An amateur hockey player died after a puck struck him in the chest and caused him to go into cardiac arrest late Thursday, officials said.

Nathan Crowell, 22, a University of New Haven student, was pronounced dead at Bridgeport Hospital shortly after the incident during a league game at a Shelton hockey rink, police and team officials said.

His death remained under investigation Friday, but police said no foul play is suspected.

Crowell, who is from Portsmouth, R.I., tried to block an opposing player's slapshot with 3 seconds left in the game when the puck struck him and he collapsed, said Howard Saffan, a co-owner of the SportsCenter of Connecticut facility.

Crowell was wearing the required chest protector and other gear, but the puck apparently struck an unprotected part of his torso just below the pad, Saffan said.

A doctor playing in the game immediately began treating Crowell and gave him CPR until an ambulance arrived to take him to Bridgeport Hospital, but he could not be revived.

The rink's staff and fellow hockey players are "devastated," said Saffan, who also is president of the Bridgeport Sound Tigers team of the American Hockey League.

"You build a rink for the community and to make a positive impact in the community, and to have something like this happen is devastating," he said. "It has sent shock waves throughout the facility."

The referee and the player who made the shot are both devastated, Saffan said.

"He is tormented by what happened," Saffan said.

Similar fatal injuries have occurred in other sports, such as youth baseball, when an unprotected player is struck in the chest by a ball and the blow stops the player's heart.

In 1998, St. Louis Blues defenseman Chris Pronger suffered an acute heart attack after being hit the chest during a National Hockey League Stanley Cup playoff game. He recovered, but was sidelined for a few games."

The New Haven Register has more details on this story...

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Watercooler stories

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Star Trek Vs Star Wars

For that geek you know...

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Another PSA From A Galaxy Far, Far Away...

Cute Anti-Smoking PSA

Here is a cute anti-smoking PSA from the late 70's. It is regarded as the most obscure of the Star Wars public service announcements. 'This anti-smoking ad from the late '70s casts the plucky [R2] stealing a smoke on the sly behind Threepio's back."

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dallas Uses Billboards to Target Saggy Pants

Will this work?

According to FoxNews, "Billboards make their debut in the Dallas area Tuesday urging Texans: "Don't Be Lame, Elevate Your Game."
Dallas City Hall kicks off its ad campaign in the anti-saggy pants battle to advise people to "Pull'em Up" with more than two dozen billboards.
Some billboards, including "Represent Yourself Like You Present Yourself," and "That's Not Hip-Hop That's Flip Flop" will go up at busy intersections and highways.""
Do you think the city should even bother getting involved with this?...

"Butt facials" the new fad in town

Magic Rescue For Traffic Cone Boy

According to SkyNews, "A young Harry Potter fan has had to be cut free from a traffic cone which got stuck on his head.
Three-year-old Charlie Thomas had decided to don the cone like a wizard's hat.The idea turned into a sticky situation though when it became stuck and would not come off.
His parents, Louisa, 34, and Martin, 36, from Cullompton. Devon eventually had to call the Somerset Fire and Rescue Service for help.
Six rescue members worked for 30 minutes to free Charlie, while his anxious parents looked on.
A spokesman for the service said the incident was a unique rescue for the firefighters.
"We've had kids stuck in various things and had saucepans stuck on them but never a traffic cone," he said.
"I've never known an incident like it."
Mrs Thomas said Charlie loved Harry Potter and at first seeing him in the cone was "very sweet".
"But when we couldn't get it off it was a bit scary," she said.
"We shouldn't have laughed but we had a chuckle - he looked so comical even though he was a bit upset.""
Man, we need photos of this scene...

Cool Copperfield Illusion

I came across this cool illusion on the Illusion of Magic blog. I originally saw this some time ago during one of Copperfield's television specials. This is actually done completely through mathematics.

The News pays...

In a previous post, my readers were told that they would be paid for having the news video played on their blog. Voxant's Newsroom is the premiere online news site of Voxant's New Media Network. Voxant unlocks new markets for content providers and advertisers around the world by helping them get their news content found, played, and paid for on the millions of websites and blogs that comprise the “long tail” of the Web. Through Voxant's Newsroom and its viral syndication technology, Voxant distributes and promotes news from more than 200 credible, licensed content sources. Network affiliates include BBC, CBS, the Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press (AP), Reuters, MTV, NHL, AFP, and HowStuffWorks, as well as a variety of website publishers and bloggers. You can have videos for US News, Local News, World News, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Life, Odd, Health, and Sci-Tech. You decide what videos would be best for your blog (web site). You can specialize the videos to fit the taste of your readers. To try it out for yourself, all you have to do is click the [embed] button and follow the simple instructions. Once the video player is embedded into your site, hope over and register with the Newsroom.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Good Halloween Game...

Frequent reader Titania7 found a good Halloween game for those who may find themselves a bit bored. Her blog Finding Life's Enchantments has a post for Oct 20th that directs her readers to a game of Halloween Cat Bowling. The game isn't as easy as it looks....

Apparel Models Freed In Daring Midnight Raid

I ran across this story today: "LOS ANGELES—Acting on information gathered from billboards, alternative weeklies, and Internet banner ads, an FBI strike team liberated 14 dazed, sallow, and undernourished American Apparel models in a raid on the controversial organization's downtown Los Angeles compound early Monday.
"There were girls lying everywhere—draped over furniture, sprawled spread-eagled in the corner, and huddled close like animals," FBI Special Agent Curtis Froman, who oversaw the raid, said at a press conference. "Many of them had been given nothing more than a pair of tube socks or men's briefs to wear."
Froman said it took agents nearly 20 minutes to cut through the holding-cell padlocks, only to find the ambiguously ethnic-looking captives living in "unspeakable conditions."
"They just stared up at us with blank expressions of utter confusion," Froman added. "I don't think they'd seen the sun in weeks."
Nine American Apparel security enforcers were also killed during the raid.
The models, who range in age from 18 to 22 but appear to be 12 to 14, were taken to an emergency safehouse where they were given food, clothing, and access to soap. Officials said they were conducting tests to determine whether the girls were subjected to brainwashing during their captivity.
"I thought it would never end," said Fiara, a Brazilian-Finnish brunette who was held in an empty white room for weeks in nothing but Lycra tights and a halter top. "I can't believe how good it feels to wear something that buttons again."
After freeing the captives, many of whom appeared drugged, agents seized thousands of amateur Polaroids and several dozen pairs of oversized sunglasses whose purpose remains unclear, FBI reports said.
"We may never know the full extent of what went on in there," Special Agent Hugh Conroy said. "We do know they were held against their will in an airless, windowless basement under harsh fluorescent lights, forced to sign liability waivers, and posed in contorted positions on bare cement floors. "The humiliating combinations of flimsy unitards, leg warmers, and '70s-inspired tank tops they were forced to wear clearly show a deranged mind at work. Those poor, poor girls."
Several models said they were initially drawn in by American Apparel's progressive environmental policies, sweatshop-free manufacturing, and youthful corporate identity. But their dreams of success were soon shattered.
"Before I knew it, I was squatting on the floor in this humid room with a camera pointed at my crotch," said model Gabrielle, whose image can be found on the back page of this newspaper.
Law enforcement agencies have long suspected that the company's much-vaunted vertically integrated structure deliberately hid the unpleasant realities of this international model-exploitation ring. Despite their ongoing investigations, agents present during the raid were "completely unprepared" for the level of degradation they discovered inside the American Apparel facility.
"I'll never forget those hollow, emotionless eyes," Special Agent Jane Cosgrove said. "I don't care how many stock options they were given—nothing is worth what those girls went through." Still at large, FBI sources say, is the models' alleged captor, a shadowy, unkempt, elaborately facial-haired figure in his late 30s or early 40s known only as "the Creepy Man.""

To read more about this and see the evidence click here.

And for those who thought...

And for those who thought only a woman could have trouble w/changing a tire...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Blogger in need of assistance...

I need some help from my readers... Without my permission or knowledge someone inserted a pop-up ad into my blog. I don't know how and/or where this was done. It brings up a pop-up for either blonde jokes or high arcade scores. Does anyone know how to get rid of this? I already went through the process of deleting my cookies and entire internet history. I also ran Ad-Aware and Spybot to no success.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Do be careful...

Do be careful when changing a tire if you must.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kitten uses up one of its 9 lives...

According to the BBC, "A 10-week-old kitten used up one of its nine lives when it survived a 20-minute ordeal in a washing machine.
Molly was saved when 11-year-old owner Bethany Hall saw the helpless animal clawing at the inside of the washing machine door at her County Durham home.
The pet, which had crawled into the machine at the Hall family home in Meadomsley, near Consett, suffered eye damage and had breathing difficulties.
But after a course of antibiotics and physiotherapy, Molly recovered.
Bethany's mother Sonia Hall, said: "I was in a state of panic when I saw her, but thankfully we have one of those machines that switches off easily. Even then I had to wait two to three minutes until it drained, but on touching the glass I found it was warm so I thought she couldn't possibly have survived.
"When we were finally able to open the door and move away the laundry she seemed OK as she was sitting up and meowing, but her eyes were closed."
Molly was taken to the Prince Bishop Veterinary Hospital in nearby Leadgate.
Principal vet Jacqui Molyneux said: "Molly was brought to us in a very bad way and we thought that she wouldn't pull through. However, she proved to be a real fighter and responded to the treatment incredibly well."
Mrs Hall added: "We'll definitely be watching her more closely after this. The whole family think she's a really special and a very lucky little kitten." "

You can see the related news video here.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


For those of us who read it high school or college, Beowulf hits the screens November 16th. I am hoping that it stays true to the book. Here's a quick preview of the Robert Zemeckis film. Take a look at the trailer.

Star Wars Comes To TV...

I had heard that George Lucas was going to develop a Star Wars show for tv after he completed Star Wars Episode 3 (most recent release). Then we heard nothing else about that. I know a lot of his time was devoted to the upcoming Indiana Jones film. The LA Times bring news on this story. It is going to be one huge bidding war between the networks and cable tv.

Accord to the Times, "George Lucas said Tuesday that he has "just begun work" on a live-action television series rooted in the "Star Wars" universe, which is huge news not just for fans of the science-fiction epic but also for networks looking for a piece of the Lucas magic that has grossed $4.3 billion in theaters worldwide...The proposed series doesn't have anyone named Luke or Anakin in it, a story path that Lucas concedes is "taking chances" as far as connecting with an audience expecting the familiar mythology."The Skywalkers aren't in it, and it's about minor characters," Lucas said in an interview. "It has nothing to do with Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader or any of those people. It's completely different. But it's a good idea, and it's going to be a lot of fun to do."Lucas joked that the series would be about "the life of robots" but wouldn't let any details slip about the true premise...Lucas is confident he can find a home for his droids and Jedi, but he also knows the projects are unorthodox enough to give network executives pause."They are having a hard time," Lucas said. "They're saying, 'This doesn't fit into our little square boxes,' and I say, 'Well, yeah, but it's "Star Wars." And "Star Wars" doesn't fit into that box.' ""

StarWarsShop.com - More Product. More Exclusives.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Do you have a dirty mind?...

So what were you thinking?... The guy can sure draw. I found this video while surfing the Gordon Keith web site.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The News Can Make Money For You Too...

I stumbled across this while on Debo Hobo's blog. Voxant Newsroom is a resource for feeds to current events, news articles, and stories. It is a free service and you get paid by people playing the videos on your own blog. Getting started is really easy... All you have to do is click the [embed] button and follow the simple instructions. According to Voxnant, "Attract more visitors to your site and keep them there. Get paid too!" We may not make as much money on our blogs like John Chow and Paula Money (at least she answers questions - she and Debo Hobo both helped this rookie); but, we can all strive for the best.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

What Would Tyra Do?...

Tyra Banks reveals what she does when gas interrupts a date...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

4 Funny Commercials

I ran across these 4 funny commercials at JibJab. For those surfing while at work, this video clip has sound... Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

They need their jobs taken away...

I ran over this story from WCBS (channel 2). I am sorry that I must disagree with Clooney. The hospial workers knew what they were doing was illegal. They should have their jobs taken away. There was no reason for their actions. These people know HIPAA.

Scott Weinberger reports that "Just weeks after George Clooney was injured in a motorcycle accident and taken to Palisades Medical Center, CBS 2 HD has exclusively learned that dozens of employees, including doctors and nurses, have been suspended for accessing Clooney's confidential information.The 46-year-old actor suffered a broken rib and road rash while a companion riding with him suffered a broken foot in the collision with another vehicle.
Within minutes, the media seemed to know everything about Clooney's condition, and sources tell CBS 2 HD that hospital officials are now investigating whether or not their own employees may have leaked information about Clooney to the media.CBS 2 HD has learned as many as 40 employees are being investigated, with more than two dozen already suspended without pay after being accused of accessing Clooney's medical records and giving that information to the press -- which is a violation of federal law.
A union spokesperson who represents some of the workers addressed the issue to CBS 2 HD:
"It was inappropriate but they are paying a steep price. But I don't even think George Clooney would want people to pay. Again, the apology to him for his privacy rights [is necessary], but I think in fact the hospital is overreacting," says Jean Oterson of the HPAA.Clooney agreed in a statement issued on Tuesday evening:
"This is the first I've heard of it. And while I very much believe in a patient's right to privacy, I would hope that this could be settled without suspending medical workers."Sources say while doctors were tending to Clooney's injuries, employees not involved with his care logged into the hospital computer system to review his medical records. CBS 2 HD has learned a security guard even gave out the number to one of Clooney's family members."It's egregious that these hospital personnel gave out this information," said Rosemarie Arnold, an attorney who has handled cases of this nature. "Obviously the information was leaked to the press. Because the press had the information and the only people who were privy to the information were the hospital personnel," Arnold said."

Here is the related news video.

Monday, October 8, 2007

More MatchStick Marvels

My post about the mini-Eiffel Tower prompted me to find more examples of matchstick art. My search led to the discovery of Patrick Acton. I have included a couple of his works. He actually has his own museum. The charge for the museum visit is $3 for those over 13, $1 for ages 5-12, and any child under 5 gets in free. Many of his models are featured in Ripley's Believe It Or Not museums around the world. If you're interested in seeing more of his work and you don't feel like traveling to Gladbrook, IA, then you can get a DVD featuring his work.

US Capital - 478,000 matchsticks

Harry Potter's Hogwarts - 602,000 matchsticks

P-51 Mustang - 15,000 matchsticks

Matchstick Marvels DVD

Friday, October 5, 2007

iPod Sets Man's Pants On Fire

I stumbled onto the following story from WSB-TV in Atlanta.

"The new iPod Nano is hot. But one Douglasville man said his old Nano got even hotter -- hot enough to burst into flames.
“So I look down and I see flames coming up to my chest,” said Danny Williams.
Williams said the burn hole from the pocket of his pants marks the spot of his 15 seconds of flame. He said he had an iPod Nano and an glossy piece of paper in his pocket. He believes the paper shielded him from being burned.
“I’m still kind of freaked out that after only a year and a half my iPod caught fire in my pocket,” said Williams.
The iPod uses a lithium ion battery -- the same type of battery under recall for setting laptops on fire.
Williams said the fact is iPod Nano burst into flames while he was at work was bad enough, where he works could have been another issue. He works at a kiosk in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.
“If TSA had come by and seen me smoking, they could have honestly thought I was a terrorist,” said Williams.
Williams said Apple wants him to send his iPod back and they’ve vowed to replace it. Williams’ mother called [WSB-TV] because she said this is more than one iPod. She said it’s about what could have happened.

“It could have happened when we were sleeping, it could have happened when he was driving and the outcome could have been much worse,” said Elaine Williams.
After [WSB-TV] sent Apple pictures of the iPod, they called back but they refused to say how common the problem is. In fact, Apple refused to talk about this particular incident at all. "

You can see the news story here.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Mini Eiffel Tower

I stumbled across these pictures of the Mini Eiffel Tower here. The Tower is "made just using match-sticks. It’s done by Alexandr Pashkevich from Ukraine..The structure is 1 meter (3,3ft) high, made from 7464 matches and illuminated by LEDs."