Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cows Attack Man

According to the BBC, "A Sussex policeman has been discharged from hospital after an attack by about 50 cows left him with four broken ribs and a punctured lung.
Insp Chris Poole, 50, said the cattle repeatedly butted and stamped on him when he was out walking his dog on the South Downs earlier this month.
The officer, from Brighton, said he was crossing a field along a footpath.
One cow butted him in the back, forcing him to the ground, before the others joined in, he recalled. Mr Poole said he managed to escape when his Golden Retriever, called Zak, fled, distracting the cows.
He was taken to Eastbourne District General Hospital by air ambulance after attracting the attention of another dog walker.He suffered bruising from his thigh to his shoulder, and faced a life-threatening situation three days later when one of his broken ribs severed an artery.
Mr Poole, who spent 11 days in hospital, said he wanted to warn other walkers to give cows a wide berth.
"It was unlucky the cows attacked... it is very rare but obviously it can happen," he said.
The RSPCA said cows could become protective of their young to the point of becoming aggressive, especially if a large dog was nearby."
Here is a pic of the poor guy. This story will have me viewing those Chick-Fil-A commercials with the cows differently.

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Christian said...

Interesting post. I am recently fascinated with cows, because I just found out that all cows are females... :S

The All Seeing Eye said...

And that's no "bull", Christian ;)