Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Magic Rescue For Traffic Cone Boy

According to SkyNews, "A young Harry Potter fan has had to be cut free from a traffic cone which got stuck on his head.
Three-year-old Charlie Thomas had decided to don the cone like a wizard's hat.The idea turned into a sticky situation though when it became stuck and would not come off.
His parents, Louisa, 34, and Martin, 36, from Cullompton. Devon eventually had to call the Somerset Fire and Rescue Service for help.
Six rescue members worked for 30 minutes to free Charlie, while his anxious parents looked on.
A spokesman for the service said the incident was a unique rescue for the firefighters.
"We've had kids stuck in various things and had saucepans stuck on them but never a traffic cone," he said.
"I've never known an incident like it."
Mrs Thomas said Charlie loved Harry Potter and at first seeing him in the cone was "very sweet".
"But when we couldn't get it off it was a bit scary," she said.
"We shouldn't have laughed but we had a chuckle - he looked so comical even though he was a bit upset.""
Man, we need photos of this scene...


SportsDork36 said...

this is great. Now how do they explain to the kid when he wants to know what it means that Dumbledore's is gay.

Titania Starlight said...

The things kids will do. LOL!

Getty72 said...

OMG!! This reminds me of an embarrasing moment when I was young. I was playing cops and robbers with some friends whilst our parents were doing their shopping. I put my head through some railings pretending that I was in prison - but got my head stuck. They had to call the fire-brigade to get my head out. The remedy was to rub butter around head and ears, and I eventually slid out..... but by that time, there were about a hundred people stood around watching. I was well behaved for about a month after - I certainly learned my lesson. I hope this kid did also!

A great post ty!!!

The All Seeing Eye said...

So Getty72, did your parents photograph your experience?...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

He! He! It will be good if got this pic! Have a nice day!