Sunday, December 16, 2007

Do you remember the news updates?

Do you remember the quick news updates from the old three networks. Uncle Barky found this little gem. According to him, "Here's the ultimate minimalist approach to a network news update. Seven stories in 50 seconds, courtesy of the late Tom Snyder in a 1976 break from NBC programming. Watch how Snyder slides papers with his left hand while pumping out the crisp verbiage. There's even a tongue-in-cheek kicker. Perfect."


BillyWarhol said...

I always remember Tom Snyder's Laff + Chevy Chase doing him on SNL!


The All Seeing Eye said...

My memories of him weren't that much. But I did enjoy watching him on the CBS Late Late Show after Letterman. He had a great sense of humor, and he was sneaky about it.