Friday, December 7, 2007

"450 kegs stolen from Guinness Brewery"

The Irish news RTE reports that " an investigation has been launched following the theft of 450 kegs from the Guinness Brewery on Victoria Quay in Dublin.
180 kegs of Guinness, 180 kegs of Budweiser and 90 kegs of Carlsberg were taken in the robbery.
A man driving a truck drove into the brewery yard at around 4pm yesterday afternoon and stole a trailer containing the drink, which has an estimated value of €64,000.
It is understood there were a number of trailers stored ready for delivery in the yard at the time.
The driver attached one of the trailers containing the 450 kegs to his cab and drove out of the yard through the main gates.
The robbery was discovered a short time later and gardaĆ­ were called. The empty trailer was later discovered in Slane Hill in Co Meath.
In the run up to Christmas there are usually over 250 truck movements both in and out of the complex every day.
Detectives are now examining CCTV footage from the Guinness complex and surrounding area.
Anyone with information on the roughly 40,000 missing pints is asked to contact Kevin Street Garda Station on 01 6669400."

Here's the news story.

Here's the news video from Ireland's RTE.


mellowed blues said...

Looks like someone's having a PAAAR.. TAY.. tonite.

Anonymous said...

I hate having to comment Anonymously!!!

But I hate alcohol abuse even worse and I am glad thoee bandits freed the beer from its wrongful inprisonment. I hope they took some along when they made a run for it and left so much behind where the truck was found.

--Bamboo Blitz-- said...

Oh man, talk about taking the mother load! That is an insane amount of beer so they must be patting themselves on the back (or really loaded) right now :)

waliz said...

cheers!!! hehehehe...

GeologyJoe said...

The beer has been liberated.
My guess is that it was and international heist with three guys: one Irish, one American and one German.

Kind of sounds like a bad joke.

The All Seeing Eye said...

Nice one, Mellowed Blues.

The All Seeing Eye said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, Debo Hobo. I appreciate that you fought through the problem w/your having to comment anonymously. You always bring great comments and insight to my blog.

The All Seeing Eye said...

Nice one, Bamboo Blitz. I guess they must have really meant it when they said "the drinks are on us."

The All Seeing Eye said...

Thanks Waliz and GeolgyJoe for your comments.