Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What The?!...

Ladies and gentleman, I am not making this up. In fact, I don't think I could even create an original story like this one from the SmokingGun.com. Since a number of my readers swing by my blog during work around lunch time, I will spare you the pics and the really descriptive details.

The SmokingGun.com reports that "We're not sure what they're inhaling down in Collier County, Florida, but here's the bizarre "information bulletin" prepared by the local sheriff's intelligence bureau about a purported "new drug" favored by the kids. It's an inhalant called "Jenkem," and causes hallucinations and [an] "euphoric high." Of course, as the bulletin notes, Jenkem users dislike its sewagey taste, which can last for days. That's because Jenkem's active ingredients are urine and fecal matter, hence its street names like "Butthash" and "Fruit from Crack Pipe." Click here to see a video report on Jenkem, via Breitbart.tv."

Click here to see the related photos and authentic Information Bulletin from the Collier County Sheriff. While you're there, scroll to the end of the bulletin and read the "slang terms." Oh boy...

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Anonymous said...

Sheesh! Whatever happened to mushrooms?



DanieL said...

nowadays stuff happening in this world are sure weird.

or is it because of the society is giving stress to people causing them to do weird and crazy stuff just to escape from 'troubles' and 'problems' for a few seconds?


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Bilbo said...

I could have gone all day without knowing about this...

Lane said...

or glue?

Kinda refutes the Ditech commercial (People are smart).

Thanks for the laugh.

Justin (pusha) said...

Just go buy some weed kid. Geeez!

Anonymous said...

if you are gonna get high, make sure human waste is not bi-product of whatever you are trying to get your high from.

man! man! man! what is this world of drug life coming to!?

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lina said...


Debbie Dolphin said...

If this is true, than what has contaminated their minds to inhale human waste?
Speaking of human waste, looks like they are literally "getting wasted!"

Wonder if they were former potheads exchanging expensive Good $h!+ for economical Good $h!+?