Wednesday, November 21, 2007

SUV Crashes Into House

I don't think this lady was invited here for Thanksgiving. If she was, then she is a bit early. And I am sure they would have preferred that she park outside...


SUV crashes into house

SUV crashes into house
Nov. 21: A driver jumps the curb and plows her SUV into a house in Winooski, New York.'s Dara Brown reports.

Luckily no one was hurt.


Monique said...

"Granny's here"

Anonymous said...

i have seen a story like one too many time to be surprised by it anymore.

i remember the first time i saw someone fly through someone's living, it was on that show 'world's craziest police chases' or something like that.

the important thing is that no one was hurt.
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The All Seeing Eye said...

And hopefully, Granny wasn't drink some eggnog... Thanks for the comment, Monique.

The All Seeing Eye said...

Thanks for your comment, Marcus. I sure never want to be on the receiving end of a car plowing into a house.

footiam said...

I just posted some pics on cars too. Do visit ! And happy Thanksgiving!