Thursday, January 31, 2008

Uh... Is that a tongue in my chicken risotto?...

FoxNews reports that a "human tongue has been served up in a hospital canteen's chicken risotto — and bosses reckon it was accidentally dropped into the food by a doctor.
Slovenian officials are investigating after a doctor complained about a strange piece of meat on his plate. revealed the doctor insisted it was not chicken and after some intense bickering it was sent away for tests — and found to be part of a human tongue.
Inspectors have closed the canteen in Izola, southern Slovenia, to review hygiene standards.
Bosses believe a doctor could have unwittingly dropped the tongue in the food after treating a patient.
A hospital spokesman insisted: "I can say clearly that we have never used patients' parts in any of our dishes."

" was accidentally dropped into the food by a doctor." What the?! And how the heck do you "unwittingly" drop a tongue into someone's food. Do you just say "Oops"?


Tricia said...

Hey thanks for your visit. Do take a look at Lost just to see how irritating the scrolling or perhaps popup commentary was! Grrr.

Wow a human tongue in hospital food? Yeah, there's no way a doctor could have dropped that and not known .. what would he or she have been doing carrying a human tongue around anyway. Strange story!

The All Seeing Eye said...

Thanks for the comment, Tricia. Too bad the patient and hospital was in Slovenia. If it had happened in the US, then a big lawsuit would have taught the doctor and hospital one expensive lesson.