Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cow Cam

The BBC reports that a "Somerset farmer has set up a 24-hour webcam on his herd of Jersey cows so people can log on to watch them graze and chew the cud.
Set up to mimic the television reality show Big Brother, Big Udder offers the chance to watch as life slowly unfolds for the herd.
The site will have a weekly catch-up on activities with dairyman Terry in The Dairy Room.
Viewers are being asked to nominate their favourite herd member each month.
Big Udder's four live cameras will operate for a year, allowing people to watch the comings and goings of life on a real dairy farm, from producing milk for butter and cream to giving cows udder checks and the occasional pedicure.
There is also information on how technology plays a role in raising cattle and the promise of being able to watch calving live.
The man behind the website, farmer Dom Lane, said: "The cameras are on various aspects of the farm so you can watch the girls out in the fields or in the barn munching grass and hay and being milked.
"Jersey cows are very relaxed, happy cows with a sweet temperament so we're not expecting any bitching, although there may be some rivalry when the bulls visit."
Hosting the site is Davina McCow with Dermot O'Creamy promising to bring all the gossip from the cowsheds in Big Udder's Little Udder.
There are currently 110 herdmates on the Big Udder farm, all pedigree Jerseys."

Here's a link to the site.


Brangus Weir said...

Wow, this is great!
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The All Seeing Eye said...

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Martin said...

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