Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My dog has on his shoes...

The Associated Press reports that "Police dogs in the western city of Duesseldorf will no longer get their feet dirty when on patrol - the entire dog unit will soon be equipped with blue plastic fiber shoes, a police spokesman said Monday.
"All 20 of our police dogs - German and Belgian shepherds - are currently being trained to walk in these shoes," Andre Hartwich said. "I'm not sure they like it, but they'll have to get used to it."
The unusual footwear is not a fashion statement, Hartwich said, but rather a necessity due to the high rate of paw injuries on duty. Especially in the city's historical old town - famous for both its pubs and drunken revelers - the dogs often step into broken beer bottles.
"Even the street-cleaning doesn't manage to remove all the glass pieces from between the streets' cobble stones," Hartwich said, adding that the dogs frequently get injured by little pieces sticking deep in their paws.
The dogs will start wearing the shoes this spring but only during operations that demand special foot protection. The shoes comes in sizes small, medium and large and were ordered in blue to match the officers uniforms, Hartwich said.
"Now we just have to teach the dogs how to tie their shoes," he joked."



Those police dogs do some hard work out there--cracking down on crime and all--hat it's good to see they'll be sporting some protective footwear ;P

Kimba The White Lioness said...

Well, I guess it's better (and more humane) for the dogs than having recurrent injuries to their pawpads. I'm sure this "first generation" of shoe-wearing doggies will not adjust as easily as subsequent ones will. It seems common sense that if they utilize the shoes on the dogs at an earlier stage (puppies in training) they might be more successful in their use. But you know the old saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks", might ring true at the beginning of this attempt!

The All Seeing Eye said...

Thanks for the comment, Bamboo Blitz. The dog boots sure do match the uniforms.

The All Seeing Eye said...

Nice one, Kimba!