Thursday, February 21, 2008

$5 Million Bank Mistake Leads To Charges Against Man

FoxNews reports that a "man [in New York] was charged with withdrawing $2 million from an account after a bank confused him with a man who has the same name.
Benjamin Lovell was arraigned Tuesday on grand larceny charges. The 48-year-old salesman said he tried to tell officials at Commerce Bank in December that he did not have a $5 million account. He says he was told it was his and he could withdraw the money.
Prosecutors said the bank — which advertises itself as America's Most Convenient Bank — confused Lovell with a Benjamin Lovell who works for a property management company.
The lesser-funded Lovell gave away some of the withdrawn money and blew some of it on gifts, but lost much of it on bad investments, prosecutors said.
The district attorney's office did not immediately have information on his lawyer. Calls left with Commerce Bank on Wednesday were not immediately returned."


Debo Hobo said...

the better thing for him to have done was to make the withdral the bank said he could and then move to a non-extraditing country. Switzerland?

The All Seeing Eye said...

Hmm... Switzerland and $5 million... Not a bad suggestion, Debo Hobo! The knucklehead probably couldn't be that smart.

Anonymous said...

To both of you; very telling! You reveal much about yourselves with your much banal jocularity. Here is not the place; honesty rules the Internet. There is no shortcut to being or feeling "GOOD," and that to which you both have integrity is painfully obvious. Pay attention: this is major theft. ~ debo bum: Just how would it have been better, tell me? ~ You there, illuminati blind man: "Not a bad suggestion, ...?" How is that? Do either of you think before you crap, or do you just wear brown pants? Here you both are all hep up about how he should have moved to Switzerland with his stolen loot, ... & telling the whole freakin' world your criminal thoughts against this victim. J-e-e-e-s-s-h-h! Very offensive; you ought both apologize to that victim for having collusionary designs on his wealth! Are you both equally as bereft of earning power, or even a vague bit more hope than that convict? Grow a frontal lobe, why don't you'se? All I can see are two additional dishonest closet usurpers; untrustworthy second-handers, waiting to pounce. Obviously you don't have earned bank accounts that amount to any beans, or else you'd perhaps think in non-envious terms. Nor do you possess any higher than low self esteems. Good pair, Bonnie & Clyde; the world is counting on you to not have kids! Suppose you are voting McNeedy, Huckster, Obomination or Hitbillery too. Keep your corruption out of Canada, there's enough here already. Meanwhile, I've blocked both your mouldy cores. Go listen to PrisonPlanet & let Alex help you to evolve, so your knuckles might heal!

The All Seeing Eye said...

Ah Anonymous... Have you heard of "tongue-in-cheek"? Hello? Of course the guy should have gotten arrested. The guy knew what he was doing was wrong. By the way. the original guy got his money. The bank is trying to get back its money for its ridiculously stupid mistake. The arrested knucklehead tried to make "Monopoly" real life with the "collect $200 in bank error." It's great to see our friends north of the border have a rough time with a little bit of humor. Then again, some great comedians came from Canada.