Friday, April 4, 2008

Woman who asked to have wrinkles smoothed out gets bigger breasts

What is happening in Germany? In a previous post, you read about a German woman who got a new anus when she went to get a leg operation. Well, now the NY Post reports that another "German woman who wanted to smooth some wrinkles on her chest was aghast when she woke up with bigger breasts instead. Ingrid Bruelling, 33, wanted doctors to give her breasts firmer skin after she lost 200 pounds on a crash diet. But when she woke up after the operation, she found that doctors had put in silicone implants, increasing her cup size from a C to a D."

The web site reports that Bruelling is suing doctors over the procedure.


Shelia said...

A new anus? A new anus? I didn't know that such a surgery was currently being performed. A new anus? Freaky.

Breasts for wrinkles, perhaps it was all in the perception. If people were looking at her new boobs they wouldn't notice her wrinkles, lol. It's possible!

Anonymous said...

It's better with no wrinkles.