Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Man wrestles croc to rescue wife"

The BBC reports that "A woman has been rescued from the jaws of a saltwater crocodile in Australia after her husband jumped onto its back and forced it to flee.
The attack took place in the Litchfield National Park near Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory.
The crocodile lunged at its victim as she stood on the banks of a river, locking its jaws around her legs before trying to drag her into the water.
Police have said the heroism of her husband almost certainly saved her.
As the crocodile attacked, Wendy Petherick shouted to her husband Norm who told reporters he acted instinctively.
"I saw Wendy in the water, trying to pull something out of her leg, and I knew it was a croc," he said.
"I acted quickly, just jumped on top of it, and looked for the eyes. I found them, and poked its eyes, and that's when it released her, I think."
The 36-year-old woman suffered serious injuries and will have surgery in Darwin.
Her husband escaped unharmed.
Last week, police in the Northern Territory opened fire on a crocodile as it closed in on a drunken man who had accepted a dare to swim in dangerous waters."

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