Saturday, June 23, 2007

World's Smartest Man Helps My Site

We are working to buid traffic to our sites by joining a Viral Marketing Social Networking Link Exchange. This will increase our traffic and Google PR, and improve our Technorati ranking. The more that join, the higher the traffic to your site too (if you join too)...

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Debo Hobo - 500 Pound Gorilla - Hammer Uncut - World's Smartest Man

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Random Magus said...

So how do I join?

Debo Hobo said...

Hey random magus, I just joined the other day. What you have to do is click on the "your site here" link at the bottom of the list, then that will take you to the list of those of us that ae already participating. There you will find the required html that you need to use. Copy and paste one of the strings and replace the name with your sites name. Paste the whole link into a post and publish it. Then go back and leave the Hammer a comment letting him know that you have completed the process and he will add you to the list. After which every person that does it after you will increase your Authotiy and PR rating. This is another great idea from Hammer the World's Smartest Man.

I hope that helped:)

The All Seeing Eye said...
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The All Seeing Eye said...

Thanks for answering Random Magus' question so fast, Debo Hobo. You beat me to it. Hopefully, you will be seeing higher traffic really soon, Random Magus. Debo Hobbo has a sweet blog about travel (

Bowrag said...

Alright Im going to do what debo said...

OMYWORD! said...

Hey thanks for coming to see my site and I am so happy I came to yours because this post sent me off into such a fun surf to so many more great sites. I'll be going to see The Smartest Man right now and do the linking thang.