Thursday, July 31, 2008

'Termites don't taste too bad'

MSNBC reports that "Lost in the rocky, remote Australian Outback, a former pest exterminator faced dehydration and death. Desperate for food, he turned to what he knew best — bugs, he said Wednesday.
Theo Rosmulder, 52, managed to survive for four days by feasting on termites and other insects before local Aborigines happened upon him Tuesday and brought him back to civilization.
A weary-looking Rosmulder told reporters that he found some relief from hunger at a giant termite mound. "I just hit the top of the termite nest off and got stuck into them," Rosmulder said.
"Termites don't taste too bad," he said at a news conference in the southwestern Australian mining town of Laverton.
Rosmulder was suffering from dehydration but otherwise in "surprisingly good condition," Western Australia state police Sgt. Graham Clifford said. He said the insects and termites provided Rosmulder a bit of moisture and some protein."


Nunyaa said...

Eew at the thought but if in similar circumstances I would probably do the same. My kids used to pull the back end off the green ants and eat them, he a very lucky man to have been found. The outback in a nice place to be stranded in.

coolingstar9 said...

This was really a special experience for him.
Hope he can be healty again.
Wish you have a beautiful life.