Tuesday, August 21, 2007

U2 Bono Gets A Statue

Read today on msnbc.com that "Rolling Stone reveals an artist's interpretation of U2’s overly altruistic frontman. Sculptor Frans Smeets’ “Jesus Loves You Too,” depicts Bono as a white-robed savior to a small African child. The sculpture comes complete with the Irish rocker’s dorky sunglasses." His ego grows in leaps and bounds. Oh well, I will still listen to U2's music.


jon said...

Yah, this is a hilarity in my book. I LOVE U2 as well. I also think the whole hype about Bono is an astonishing testament to his ego . :D

I've posted on this bit a few times over the last few years. Particularly the most recent thing that interested me was an article about Bono entitled, "For God's Sake, Please Stop!"


Thanks for the visit and the comment on my blog!

The All Seeing Eye said...

Jon, I enjoy the group's music. And I have paid attention to Bono's called to relieve debt from "poor" countries. However, I have a problem "forgiving" debt to a country whose corrupt leaders will just pile on more debt upon their people so the leaders can pocket the money as they have done in the past. There are some of the richest countries in terms of natural wealth, and their people shouldn't be living in abject poverty. Debt forgiveness should only come with an agreement and plan for the country to take steps to helping all of its people. Bono does some good. However, how do people expect to take him seriously when he tells everyone they should do their part in helping others when he refuses to pay his own country's taxes and escapes to a different country? I am sure some under privileged children and struggling artists (like he was in the beginning) in Ireland would love the benefits from his tax dollars… Everyone else in Ireland has to pay “their fair shares” even if they can barely afford it.